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Insect Infestations

Insect Infestations... the wood that forms an integral part of the construction of your property may also provide a delicious and nutritious meal for a variety of insects. Their chewing creates tiny holes that over time compromise the integrity of the wood. So if you have an insect infestation they could be literally eating you out of house and home.

An active insect infestation may also be a sign you have a damp problem in your property - as many species only thrive in damp conditions. So dealing with unwelcome pests in your home or business premises is essential.

In preventing future problems caused by wood boring beetles and larvae, it’s important to keep an eye out for the obvious (and sometimes not so apparent) signs of insect damage.

The Usual Suspects

The most common species causing insect infestation in properties are:

Common Furniture Beetles

These beetles are the most common source of insect infestation in seasoned timber. When the grub emerges from the wood as an adult beetle it leaves behind a characteristic flight hole.

House Longhorn Beetles

This creature isn't native to the United Kingdom, but it's here now and spreading quickly. Originally from the Continent, house longhorn beetles have been particularly prevalent in Southern England, centring on Camberley and Walton-on-Thames -although it has recently been found in Richmond in Surrey, and Reading in Berkshire.

This species of insect infestation is particularly damaging, as the grub is large - growing to almost an inch in length - and has a lifecycle of up to eight years, enabling it to cause structural weakness relatively quickly.

Death Watch Beetles

Death Watch beetles tend to attack hardwood, and have a preference for old oak beams. They were given the eerie name as they are often found in churches, and have a characteristic 'tapping' mating call.

Wood Boring Weevil

The presence of these insects indicates an underlying damp problem. For this species to thrive the wood must be pre-digested by rotting fungi, which in turn requires some moisture to be present in the wood.

Regardless of the species, the pattern of damage caused by insect infestation remains the same. An adult beetle lays eggs on, or slightly beneath, the surface of the wood. The egg hatches, and the larvae feast in the wood, chewing holes into it. The grub continues to burrow its way through the timber until it pupates, and eventually becomes an adult beetle, ready to lay eggs.

Act Now To Prevent Further Timber Damage

If you suspect you have an active insect infestation in your property, it's important a qualified surveyor investigates and treats the problem before any (further) structural damage is caused. Any powder around the wood holes indicates an active insect infestation - as this powder is actually grub faeces. We carry out specialist insect infestation treatments in properties of all types across London and the surrounding counties such as Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire,

Treatment usually takes the form of powerful insecticides, although in some cases it may be enough to eliminate damp and dry out the affected wood. The most effective insecticides are only available for use by certified professionals.

Insect InfestationsInsect InfestationsInsect Infestations

Peter Hodge and his specialist experienced team at London & Home Counties Timber Preservation Ltd are here to assist you throughout the process of ensuring the woodworm treatment & timber preservation, basement conversion, insect infestation and/or damp proofing in your home is looked after by only the very best in their profession. The London & Home Counties team are a collective of highly experienced specialist tradesmen who work expertly in all areas of Central London & Greater London and the Home Counties including Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Your property is home to your family and naturally you want this environment to stay a healthy place for them to grow and thrive, you also want the value of your property to be maintained and grow too! This is very important to you so you need to feel that you are being served by people who have a love for looking after your home as much as you do. Every aspect is taken care of with the greatest respect, sensitivity, honesty and efficiency to ensure any disruption to your home remains at a minimum to get your work completed speedily, returning you back to the enjoyment of your newly improved home in harmony.

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